Wild 2: Wings

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Letters For Friends


Original photograph taken in St Ives, 31 December 2014.

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Why Men Won’t Dance…

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An interesting article by Nikolas Lloyd, clearly a dancer himself. A few quotes:

To dance well, one needs good health, poise, co-ordination, stamina, strength, athleticism, rhythm, balance, suppleness, speed, an ability to predict and react to the movements of others (especially for partnered dancing), and style...

One lady… told me that her mother had forbidden her to marry a good dancer, because such a man would “be trouble”...

It is well recognised that women are more choosy about sexual partners. Natural selection has armed women with dance to improve their powers of choice. Natural selection has also equipped men with a useful fear of this weapon. That’s why men won’t dance.

But do read the whole article here.

Heart, Have No Pity…

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Heart, have no pity on this house of bone:
Shake it with dancing, break it down with joy.
No man holds mortgage on it; it is your own;
To give, to sell at auction, to destroy.
When you are blind to moonlight on the bed,
When you are deaf to gravel on the pane,
Shall quavering caution from this house instead
Cluck forth at summer mischief in the lane?
All that delightful youth forbears to spend
Molestful age inherits, and the ground
Will have us; therefore, while we’re young, my friend —
The Latin’s vulgar, but the advice is sound.
Youth, have no pity; leave no farthing here
For age to invest in compromise and fear.

Edna St. Vincent Millay — Sonnet 29 from Fatal Interview.

Photograph taken at El Quinto, March 2013.


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“As usual, I was thinking about the moments of the past,
letting my memory rush over them like water
rushing over the stones on the bottom of a stream.
I was even thinking a little about the future, that place
where people are doing a dance we cannot imagine,
a dance whose name we can only guess.”

—  Billy Collins, from Nostalgia. You can hear the full poem here.

I Love Tango

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I love the way she softens into my embrace on the dancefloor. I love the way she matches my opening breath as we move together into the first step. I love the way the rigid concepts of ‘lead’ and ‘follow’ become inextricably entwined and tango becomes our hearts’ conversation. I love the way we listen to our bodies through the music. I love the way she holds a moment longer when the music stops. I love the damp curl of hair on her forehead and the salt taste of a small kiss still on my lips as I drive home.

Why “Social” Dancers are Killing Salsa

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Does this apply to tango too? Food for thought, perhaps…

The Dancing Irishman

Purely social dancers have started pissing me off.

Let’s get something straight: Salsa IS a social activity. Most people who take it up do so to get out more and to meet new people. That’s one of the reasons I dance myself and I consider myself a social dancer (just not in the sense that I’m writing about here). Long story short, salsa needs to be enjoyed. Today, however, I’m gonna talk about a very different type of “Social” dancer!

There seems to be a natural progression amongst great salseros that goes a little something like this:

  • They begin salsa without many expectations
  • They enjoy the new activity and the new social outlet
  • They improve and their improvement leads to greater enjoyment
  • Greater enjoyment leads to greater desire to improve…

    Great dancers continue to get better over time (in an ideal world of course) Great dancers continue to get better over time (in an ideal world of course, so in reality this never…

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The Dancers Inherit the Party

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The Dancers Inherit the Party Selected Poems by Ian Hamilton Finlay with two woodcuts by Zeljko Kujundzic A Migrant Pamphlet, Summer 1962

The Dancers Inherit the Party
Selected Poems by Ian Hamilton Finlay
with two woodcuts by Zeljko Kujundzic
A Migrant Pamphlet, Summer 1962



When I have talked for an hour I feel lousy –
Not so when I have danced for an hour:
The dancers inherit the party
While the talkers wear themselves out and
sit in corners alone and glower.

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