Tango Terra at The Sheffield Tango Festival

I am delighted to announce that our Saturday night Primavera Ball will include live music by the inimitable La Tango Terra. You are in for a treat!

Those who joined us in 2019 may remember that Tango Terra’s bandoneon player Martin Espindola played at our first Primavera Ball. Martin was born in Patagonia, Argentina, and has been playing music from the age of six.

Playing in Astor Piazzola’s opera Maria de Buenos Aires in 2016 cemented his bond with the bandoneon. He has played extensively in Europe and the UK with various ensembles, both guitar and bandoneon.

With a traditional tango training in Buenos Aires 20 years ago and a background in contemporary dance, Martin has taken the genre to new heights. Following a rich series of residencies in Scotland creating a fusion of Argentine tango and contemporary dance, in London Martin combined music, dance and theatre to make original works: Tangosaurus, Smoke and Mirrors, Bridges y Puentes. He teaches regularly at the Seven Dials Club in Covent Garden.

~ by magickwords on Sunday, 27 February 2022.

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