Sheffield Tango Festival 2020

As one of the organisers of the first Sheffield Tango Festival, held in May 2019, I was overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback. Thank you to all the lovely dancers who came to support us. So I’m delighted to confirm that we’ll be doing it again in 2020.

Our main aim was to offer an event which was friendly and welcoming to all. I think we got pretty close to succeeding, so the dates for next year are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1-3 May 2020.

We have listened to all your comments, and after discussion we’ve tweaked a few things, for example, the afternoon dances will be upstairs in the main ballroom.

Booking forms are now available on the Festival website here. If you’re on our mailing list you will already have received notification of this.

Last year we had to close bookings some time before the event as we had reached capacity. To avoid disappointment, therefore, please book for any workshop or milonga you wish to attend. We cannot accept admissions on the door for any part of the festival once maximum figures have been reached.

We are looking again to provide an appropriate leader/follower balance, especially for workshops. Please try to book with a partner whenever possible, although if you wish to book as a single leader or follower, please do so early. We’ll do our best to accommodate all.

Again, we’ll have great teachers and DJs from Buenos Aires, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. I’ll continue to add news and information, pictures and videos so be sure to check back here or on the Sheffield Tango Festival website from time to time!

Hope to see you in May!

~ by magickwords on Sunday, 24 November 2019.

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