Tango: Sensual or Sexual

Argentine tango is a sensual, emotional dance. But sexual? That seems often to be the perception of those outside the tango scene…

We are sexual as well as sensual beings, and perhaps at times there may be some kind of overlap between these two aspects of sensuality at certain times, in certain dances, with a certain partner, in the same way that there may be in day-to-day contacts or conversations. But this isn’t what tango is about. Perhaps the confusion comes because tango is certainly about passion.

This is a trailer for a documentary entitled Tango and Sex by Junior Cervila:

The film “… explores the sub-text of Tango, and every aspect is colored by sexuality. Tango is not just a dance it is an historical tradition, a social contract between two people, a philosophy. Because sexual expressiveness was forbidden, the early years of Tango bore this stigma. Tango is a social contract with strict rules defined by the very nature of ‘leading’ and ‘following’. These rules provide perspective for understanding both relationship between the sexes and how the individual relates to their own sexuality. How one perceives these roles ranges from sexual repression to total release or sexual freedom. As a philosophy the documentary explores the dance as a sensual metaphor for life…with trust and true intimacy as its highest level.”

I’ve not seen the documentary so I cannot comment further. But, a sensual metaphor for life… I can go with that. And certainly trust and true intimacy are as essential in tango as they are in any real relationship.

Feel free to add your thoughts.

~ by magickwords on Tuesday, 5 March 2013.

15 Responses to “Tango: Sensual or Sexual”

  1. Junior’s trailer wrote: “Tango is not just a dance it is an historical tradition, a social contract between two people, a philosophy.

    Funny isn’t it? Whenever you see “Tango is not just a dance, it is …”, you just know there’s going to be no mention of the music 🙂

  2. Yes, although I assume most people who dance tango know that it’s first and foremost about the music. Or how can you dance it?

  3. I don’t think this promo is particularly directed to those who dance tango.

    it’s first and foremost about the music. Or how can you dance it?.”

    Like this!

  4. The title was surely a marketing decision, and nothing more.

  5. This content was surely a marketing decision, and nothing more. 🙂

  6. osamaabdalaziz5000@yahoo.com

  7. Do you operate with in USA or this company is in Argentina?

  8. I love the passion of the Argentine Tango and the sexuality that it brings.

    • Passion, yes. But perhaps sensuality rather than sexuality… although I suppose this could depend on who you’re dancing with.

    • More intimate and sensuality.
      To me a.sexual dance is something like zouk…where there is grinding and so forth. Tango doesn’t have that kind if stuff. It’s suggestive… Hence sensual…not sexual.
      It’s about suggesting to the audience you both will have sex.. Which may or may not be true (mostly not).. It’s not overtly obvious..more teasing kind of way. Takes a lot of practice to get that right
      You will know if it’s right. So will the other dance partner.

      • Again, for me, Argentine tango (except possibly stage tango) can have nothing to do with suggesting anything to an audience. Tango is sensual, certainly, but neither sexual not suggestive in a social dance situation

  9. Tango is an art. It’s about acting as well. In many dances, you have to give the impression (acting) that you both are in love, going to make love, etc. It’s not just about the technical aspects such as steps, balance etc. You have to convey to the audience that you are going to devour eachother. This is true to its birthplace- the bordellos of Argentina. That’s certowhat they did in the bordellos.

    • Perhaps here you’re talking about stage tango? As social dancers don’t we dance for our partners and ourselves, and for the music. In such circumstances I have no interest in conveying anything to an audience. To start thinking about that would be, for me, against the spirit of Argentine tango as I understand it.

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