Another Tango Song

Incoherent conversations
In the middle of the night…
There’s a bottle by the table
But she keeps it out of sight.

Just tell her what you’re searching for,
She’ll help you track it down,
Then show you where the road is
That takes you out of town.

She plays the songs she loves now
Then dances on alone.
And when the music gets too much
She tells secrets to the ‘phone.

She’ll share your dreams and nightmares
And get inside your head.
Then let the darkness hide her bruises
When she takes you home to bed.

You can hold her, but not love her;
Leave your heart outside the door,
For afterwards she’ll turn to watch
The shadows on the floor.

She’ll tango if you ask her
And relax in your embrace,
But be sure to hold her close to you
So she may hide her face.

Then later comes the dreaming
Touched with tears throughout the night.
She puts the bottle on the table now
But won’t switch on the light.


~ by magickwords on Sunday, 11 December 2011.

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