Reading Tango

I read a lot of stuff about tango… write a bit too. I was told recently that all this reading and writing is pointless; dancing is what tango is about. True (and the music too, of course).

But tango is more than the music and the dance; there is a rich history and culture associated with it. And for me, the more I understand about that the better. It’s not (just?) about intellectualising an experience which at its best is profoundly emotional, for me it’s about enriching that experience.

So I’ll continue to read and learn about the culture and history of tango, and also about the experience of others who share this passion, and who seek to explore their experience through prose or poetry as well as the dance itself.

I’m currently reading Kapka Kassabova‘s Twelve Minutes of Love a fascinating and beautifully written story of life, love, loss and passion. It should be read by anyone embraced by the Argentine tango obsession, or who wishes to understand something of the nature of this most most beautiful and demanding of all dances. “Hilarious and moving, poignant and occasionally sublime.”

This short film was made by animation artist Em Cooper in response to Kassabova’s memoir.

~ by magickwords on Friday, 9 December 2011.

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