Tango Words

Do you speak tango?

In these meanderings I return from time to time (directly or indirectly) to what tango means to me. It’s not about steps. They are part of the vocabulary of the dance, of course. But unless we can fit those within an appropriate structure — with a feeling for the ‘grammar’ and the rhythm of the language — then what we are doing is a clumsy imitation of tango.

There’s a recent post on the ‘In Search of Tango’ blog which makes some interesting points. Click on the quote below to read it.

“Tango is a human language with its own vocabulary and grammar.”

I’m lucky at the moment to be attending a series of classes by Andrés ‘Tanguito’ Cejas and Genoveva Fernández. I love the way they teach. The steps are there, naturally, but they are taught as just one element of a whole structure bounded by the music within which the dancers move. They teach from the heart.

Watch them here, dancing at Salon Canning…