Tango Words

Keep the Tango Street Show in the Plaza Dorrego

Anyone who has visited Buenos Aires has undoubtedly enjoyed the Sunday street show at the Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo and possibly the milonga afterwards.

This whole activity is now under pressure from being removed despite being officially considered of cultural value by the Buenos Aires city government.

The following petition put in place by the organisers asks for the following (summarised so you know what your are signing):

1. Permanent legal licence to carry out their activities which are now over 20 years old.

2. Subsidy which would contribute towards buying the hard floor mats (to cover the cobble stones), electricity, music system, guest performers… etc.

3. Consider making the milonga floor surface a danceable surface permanently which would also benefit the local residents.

4. Banning the adjacent bars from setting tables and chairs on Sundays in the milonga space

5. Permission to sell food and drinks at affordable prices for charitable purposes and donations (e.g., Garrahan hospital).

6. That no other events organised by the goverment (in the Plaza Dorrego) may supersede the current activities and more input allowed from the current organisers regarding events related to tango (e.g., National tango day)

Please access the following link and support the petition to save the activities and milonga at the Plaza Dorrego

Sign Petition – NO al Cierre de la Milonga del Indio.