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#tangothursdays twttrlist problems

Have had a problem with http://www.squidoo.com/BestOfTangoThursdaysOnTwitter over the past few days.

When I tried to update the site with last week’s tweets at first I though they weren’t being added. After several attempts I realised that Squidoo was adding them in the middle of the June 24/25 entries for some reason. I was following the same procedure I have used previously, and normally the posts appear in reverse date order (latest first).

I’ve added and deleted several times; same situation. So I’ve given up and left them there for now. I know you can re-order via drag-and-drop, but it seems you have to do this individually and a limited distance at at time. I’m afrad I gave up after an eye-straining hour. Anyone know of a way to group posts and drag together?

I have reported the problem to Squidoo and await comments.

Please don’t let this stop you from tweeting useful tango links and comments each Thursday with the hashtag #tangothursdays.