Tension and Relaxation

“Relaxing in tango is not an ordinary state of relaxation. It is achieving a very delicate balance between intense concentration and letting go. Only in that special state of mind is it possible for a woman to sense a man’s every move and follow instantly, in harmony and without thinking. Not unlike making love, but more constant. Your body should not need to have tension but it needs a strong tone and ‘density’ of movement to produce that exciting ‘controlled power’ sort of slow motion look of tango, like held back speed. So, you have to use ‘tension’ sometimes but as an artistic means to an end. All of these things take time to develop. And I think, only once you are actually able and have the body to dance it, do you actually really understand how it works.”

— Astrid (quoted on Tango-L)

~ by magickwords on Thursday, 18 June 2009.

2 Responses to “Tension and Relaxation”

  1. Astrid, I would like to get in touch. I love what you say here about density and would like to quote it in my collection of dance aphorisms. I am a UK poet and tango dancer. See what I do at http://www.tangoschumann.com, and it would be nice to exchange a few views. I have an idea that I would like to put to you.

  2. Hi Anthony

    The above quote I found here:


    You can contact Astrid via this link.

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