Tango Words

LOTD? Aw, shucks


Thanks to MiMi for letting me know that my Squidoo #tangothursdays lens became the first TwttrList to get LOTD. (Had to look that up; it means Lens of the Day.) Here’s what they said:

“I like ‘The Best of #tangothursdays on Twitter’ because this person is adding a human, curated and useful layer to the mess than can be hashtags on Twitter. Hashtags are a terrific way to track what’s happening now on Twitter. But what happened before? How about a way to find and highlight the best of a certain topic? That’s all TwttrList, baby. Bonus: This lens is also a good way to make #tangothursdays searchable and findable in search engines.”

Thanks for that, guys. And look out for tomorrow’s updates!