Tango demands

Like many who dance tango I often muse upon what it is that makes this dance so special. The music often speaks to us in a way we don’t always find in other dance music. But it is more than that. Perhaps a big part of its remarkable appeal is the way it encourages us both to be ourselves in the way we react to the music, and to be deeply aware and to connect to our partner. At its best it becomes a conversation beyond words and at a level — intuitive and uncensored — that we perhaps rarely reach in our day-to-day communications.

“Because of the moment-by-moment improvisational relationship between partners, the tango demands that we pay attention in a way few of us have ever done before.” Sharna Fabiano

~ by magickwords on Thursday, 30 April 2009.

One Response to “Tango demands”

  1. odd to read
    so many wise words

    but see so few
    enjoying the moment

    dancing together
    as one

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