How often do we seek solace in the touch and closeness of another’s body; to have our own vulnerabilities — our own humanity with all that that means — acknowledged and accepted?

Is this sometimes what dance does? Moving in some kind of union. Touch acknowledges presence (and is how a child begins to recognise its separateness from its world). To dance fully with another you must acknowledge their presence and their initiations and responses to the music’s call and your own movements.

To come together for a moment knowing that you have soon to walk away. Or do we sometimes want too much? Or too little — the poetry and passion without the pain? Or to turn to the ‘safety’ of tango because in some way these things may be acknowledged without the embarrassment of speaking of them. Safe then to listen to what our body says.

To dance to the tanda’s inevitable end. Yet with the knowledge that there are other days and other songs. Though other times when the moments and the memories are not quite enough.

~ by magickwords on Sunday, 22 March 2009.

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