Tango Words

Tonight I Can Write…

One of the tango blogs recently published some links to blues singers, relating their songs and performances to the feelings expressed in tango. Poets too seem often to have something of the ‘tango soul’. Pablo Neruda is an obvious example.

I loved this poem as a teenager (adolescence has to be a good excuse for emotional poetry? though not sure I’ve grown out of it…). I first knew it in the Christopher Logue version which I used to use myself in poetry and jazz readings. Sadly I lent the record to someone and never got it back. Although it did appear on in ‘Poetry Please’ on BBC Radio 4 some while back and I was able to record it.

This reading is by Andy Garcia. That last line has such power; a feeling like the final phrase of a beautiful tango.

The record, incidentally, was called Red Bird. If anyone can tell me where I can obtain a copy I’d be indebted.